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Welcome to the Limo Anywhere Customer Feedback & Support Center. We would love to hear your suggestions! Feel free to submit your feedback to any of the sections below. You can also browse existing items and vote on the ones you feel are important and would benefit your business. If you are here for assistance, please browse our Knowledge Base or Contact our Support Department (to the right.)

Knowledge Base

  1. Network 

    1. Partner Network Rates, Vehicle Types, and Service Types Mapping
    2. The New "Offered" Status and What it Means
  2. Zapier Integration 

    1. Zapier Help Documentation
  3. System Updates 

    1. May 18th, 2016
    2. May 5th, 2016
    3. April 20th, 2016
    4. March 24th, 2016
    5. March 10th, 2016
  4. Accounts 

    1. Everything You Could Ever Wish to Know About the Accounts Section
    2. The Role of Companies In Limo Anywhere
    3. Applying a Rate Matrix to an Account
    4. How to Export Email Addresses and Other Data
  5. Calendar 

    1. Setting Up and Utilizing the Calendar
    2. How to Create Events in the Calendar
  6. Company Resources-My Office 

    1. Establishing and Managing Drivers
    2. Setting Up Driver Payroll - Percentage Pay Schedules
    3. Setting Up Driver Payroll - Hourly Pay Schedule
    4. Establishing and Managing Your Affiliates in Limo Anywhere
    5. Establishing and Managing Agents in Limo Anywhere
  7. Company Settings-My Office 

    1. Managing Company Contact Information in Limo Anywhere
    2. Establishing and Managing Company Aliases
    3. Setting Company Preferences
    4. Setting Up Time Label Management
    5. Establishing and Managing System Users
  8. Custom Forms 

    1. Building a Custom Form
    2. Free Custom Form Templates
  9. Dispatch 

    1. Customizing and Managing Trip Statuses For Your Business
    2. How to Dispatch a Driver
    3. Customizing The Dispatch Grid Display
  10. DriverAnywhere Phone Application 

    1. Introducing DriverAnywhere 3.0
    2. DriverAnywhere Quick Set Up Guide
    3. Setting Up Driver's DriverAnywhere Access
    4. DriverAnywhere 3.0 App Information
    5. The New "Offered" Status and What it Means
  11. DriverAnywhere® Network 

    1. DriverAnywhere® Network User Guide
  12. General Information 

    1. Support information
    2. Does Limo Anywhere work with my computer or mobile device?
    3. Browser Maintenance
    4. Troubleshooting SMS Delivery Issues
    5. Trouble Shooting Email Delivery Issues
  13. Getting Started 

    1. 1 - Set Up System Rate Manager (Rate Fields)
    2. 2 - Set Up Vehicle Types
    3. 3 - Set Up Drivers
    4. 4 - Set Up Affiliates
    5. 5 - Set Up Agents
  14. LA Net 

    1. Setting Up and Utilizing LA Net
    2. Farming Out and Farming In With LA Net
    3. Setting Up and Utilizing LA Net
    4. Real-Time Updates through LA Net
    5. Partner Network Rates, Vehicle Types, and Service Types Mapping
  15. Limo Anywhere Add-on Modules 

    1. Limo Anywhere Core System Modules Available in New Pricing Plan
    2. Real-time Payment Processing
    3. Advanced Accounting Toolkit Module
    4. Driver SMS/Text Messaging Module
    5. Limo Anywhere Mobile
  16. List Management-My Office 

    1. Managing the States/Provinces List in Limo Anywhere
    2. Managing the Countries List in Limo Anywhere
    3. Managing The Service Type List
    4. Managing the Time Zones List in Limo Anywhere
    5. Managing the Occasions List in Limo Anywhere
  17. Memos, Tools, and Files 

    1. Utilizing Memos
    2. The Print Queue
    3. Uploading and Using the Files Module
  18. Payables 

    1. Generating a Driver Payroll Report
    2. Everything About Driver Payroll
    3. Paying Your Affiliates for Work Farmed Out
    4. Paying Agents
  19. PCI Compliance 

    1. What is PCI Compliance?
    2. How Does PCI Compliance Affect Limo Anywhere?
    3. Why Can't I Store the Credit Card Security Code on an Account/Reservation?
    4. What are the Password Requirements for PCI Compliance?
    5. My Merchant Services Provider Says My Website Needs to be PCI Compliant Before They Will Approve My Account
  20. Quote 

    1. Establishing and Managing Quotes
  21. Rate Management-My Office 

    1. Rate Management Overview
    2. Rate Groups Explained
    3. Understanding the System Rate Manager
    4. System Rate Manager's How To Page
    5. Fixed Rates & Zones Set Up
  22. Receivables 

    1. Creating and Managing Invoices
    2. Creating an Invoice Credit
    3. Receive Invoice Payment
    4. Reversing a Payment on an Invoice
  23. Reservations 

    1. Processing/Reversing a Payment on a Reservation
    2. Explaining Credit Card Transaction Types
    3. Setting Up and Utilizing Reservation Incidents
    4. Farming Out and Farming In With LA Net
    5. Farming Out to NON LA Net Affiliates via Email
  24. Reports 

    1. Generating a Sales Revenue Report
    2. Generating a Customer Open Balance Statement
    3. Generating a Transaction/Payment History Report
    4. Generating a Reservation Manifest
    5. Generating a Daily Schedule Grid
  25. Settle 

    1. How to Settle a Reservation
    2. Batch Settlement of Reservations
    3. Not Able to Settle a Reservation?
    4. Correcting or Modifying a Settled Reservation
  26. Website & Email Setup 

    1. Setting Up Email Accounts - Newer Customers
    2. Setting Up Email Accounts - Older Customers
    3. Setting Up GoDaddy Email On Your iPhone, iPad, & iPod
  27. All articles 

    1. Support information
    2. What is PCI Compliance?
    3. Setting Up and Utilizing the Calendar
    4. Customizing and Managing Trip Statuses For Your Business
    5. 1 - Set Up System Rate Manager (Rate Fields)
    221 articles 

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